South Fence Machinery

South Fence Machinery Ltd is a privately owned New Zealand company whose history dates back to the 1930’s - originally involved with the manufacture of wire products but for the last 25 years being fully focused on manufacturing wire fence machinery and associated equipment. Experiences gained through using a number of different brands of machinery for wire product manufacture has helped South Fence to be able to identify the most efficient and cost effective ways to produce the high production machines that are required for today’s demanding markets.


South Fence Machinery ltd is the only company that manufactures the full range of – Fixed Knot, Stiff Stay and Hinge Joint – wire fence machines so is ideally suited to give the best advice when choosing the right option for any particular market.

South Fence takes pride in the fact that it designs and builds all its machines with in house technology and uses the latest manufacturing techniques to consistently produce high quality machines.

The machine building process at South fence allows for the flexibility to incorporate customers own special requirements into the manufacture of their machines.

When buying a South Fence Machine you can be assured that you are investing in a machine that has been designed and built to out perform and out last all competitors and has the best possible after sales support.


Wire Forming Technology
A new South Fence development that gives the ability to manufacture a Stiff Stay fence with an internal hinge has been chosen by "Wire Forming Technology International" as one of the top products of 2010. Read more »

New Developments

Some of our new developments: Click on an item to see more information.


About us...

South Fence Machinery today offers a complete suite of fence machines – Fixed Knot, Hinge Joint and Stiff Stay.

Within this range of fence types is contained almost every fencing need, from camels in desert sands to cows in gentle pastures; from deer in alpine meadows to security alongside motorways, rail tracks or surrounding buildings.