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South Fence Customer Support Banner Customer Support

To ensure your new machine operates efficiently and continues to produce a world class fence product we know you require fast and informative technical support 24/7. With our comprehensive machine support services, we guarantee your peace of mind.

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South Fence Design and Development Banner Design & Development

Our machines continue to lead the global fence manufacturing market because of our commitment to the design and development. Constant improvement allows our customers to produce the latest fence products on the market.

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South Fence Supply Partner Banner Supply Partners

Our supply partners commitment to worldwide service and support ensures you can get the parts you need whenever and wherever you are. Our international supply partners provide our customers with prompt technical support, spare parts sales, and technical services worldwide.

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South Fence Machinery

South Fence Machinery is the world leader in fence manufacturing technology, exporting our fence manufacturing machinery globally.

Our constant improvement, commitment to machinery safety standards, and ability to produce specific machinery designs to meet your exact production requirements are the reasons we continue to be successful in this marketplace.

News and Resources

🚀 Introducing South Fence Machinery's Enhanced Stay-Wire Accumulator! 🚀

At South Fence Machinery, our commitment to innovation knows no bounds. We're thrilled to unveil our latest breakthrough - the new Stay-Wire Accumulator, now fortified with advanced technology.

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Visit Us At Wire2024 Düsseldorf

  South Fence is proud to announce our attendance at this year's Wire Düsseldorf 2024 show.

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Hands-free Fence Machine

The upgraded Automatic Take-up on our Stiff Stay fence machine featuring the fully automated clamp, cut, strip, and reload for hands free fence production.

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