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The South Fence Machinery Ltd Hinge Joint Machines have been developed from the Company’s extensive experience of more than 85 years in the manufacture of wire products and machinery specifically designed and produced for the manufacture of rural wire fence products.

It is the vast experience gained over the years that has enabled South Fence Machinery Ltd to identify and design features to facilitate the most economic and efficient manufacture of wire fence products.

The Hinge Joint Machine has played a major part in the Company’s successes, which include advancing hinge joint fence to a leading position in the New Zealand market and pioneering world production of high tensile farm fences.

In quality of construction, safety, and operational features, South Fence Hinge Joint Machines incorporate all that is best for cost efficient fence production.

South Fence Hinge Joint Machines have been designed to ensure simple operation, long economic life with ease of maintenance and adjustment.

While the Hinge Joint Machine has two standard formats, custom fence specification formats can be manufactured specifically to our customers’ requirements. Simple and well-engineered components ensure the machines run reliably and can be tuned to run with many different wire specification's. The machines take-up area is simple and clean with monitored light curtains allowing operators excellent visibility and easy access when the machine has stopped. 

A range of crimping drum change gears along with only two simple mechanical adjustments ensures the machine operator can change and manufacture many common stay-wire spacing sizes.

The machine has a comprehensive arrangement of electric trip systems to ensure the machine stops in the event of wire tangle or breakage or incorrect machine function.

The take-up assembly incorporates a driven stripper trolley and support trolley for the easy removal of the finished roll.

All the above features including safety light curtains and guard limit switches are standard equipment and are included in the basic machine price, as are freight to the nearest main port and the commissioning costs.

The Hinge Joint Machine has a full complement of safety systems and a full and comprehensive risk assessment is conducted on all South Fence Hinge Joint machines.

Safety features include:

  • Integrated Siemens electrical system ensuring safety systems and machine functions are simultaneously monitored
  • Category 4 monitored Light Curtains on both front and rear of the machine
  • Category 4 monitored RFID Interlock switches on all removable guards and doors
  • Siemens safety PLC to monitor all safety related control features
  • Siemens safety PLC to motion monitor all motors on the machine
  • 2mm punch panel guard system, finished in a durable powder coat
  • Festo pneumatic safety valves and safety regulators
  • Comprehensive machine warning signage
  • Non-slip operator platforms, with hand rails and toe boards
  • HMI operator fault banner system
  • Safe speed monitoring for all axes for machine set-up and fault finding

Contact South Fence Machinery for details on our latest machine specifications and configurations.

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