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The South Fence Machinery Ltd Stiff Stay Machines have been developed from the Company’s extensive experience of more than 75 years in the manufacture of wire products and machinery specifically designed and produced for the manufacture of rural wire fence products.

It is the vast experience gained over the years that has enabled South Fence Machinery Ltd to identify and design features to facilitate the most economic and efficient manufacture of wire fence products.

The same dedication and exacting standards that have placed South Fence Machinery Ltd at the forefront of both the Fixed Knot and Hinge Joint machine technology have been applied in the design and construction of the Stiff Stay Machine.

Two models of this high performance fully integrated machine type are available – a 20 line x 2.0m machine and a 25 line x 2.5m dual fence machine which is capable of manufacturing two rolls at a time. Both machines can operate at speeds of up to 80 stays per minute and the patented South Fence knot forging system allows for the manufacture of a mesh as close as 50mm x 50mm.

Initially designed for the North American horse fence market the stiff stay fence features a distinctive smooth, strong knot and is now used in a wide variety of applications such as stock fence, game fence, security and construction.

The HMI or Human Machine Interface screen not only allows for ease of setting and adjustment but also reports constantly and accurately on the manufacture of product and machine status.

The innovative tri-drive feed unit ensures rapid and accurate wire delivery directly into the knot forging system.

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The servo-driven indexing crimping drum facilitates the effortless change of stay wire spacings at the push of a button without any further mechanical changes necessary, eliminating long down times during change overs.

The finished fence is wound on to a variable torque take up system that automatically adjusts throughout the manufacture of the product. The combination of the compensator assembly and variable mandrel drive ensures the most compact roll practical is manufactured for ease of handling and shipping. The finished roll is then mechanically removed from the slotted mandrel by the automated stripping system.

The Stiff Stay Machines include a comprehensive range of safety features including Siemens light curtains, electric trip systems and monitored safey guards that not only keep the operating staff safe, but will also stop the machine automatically in the event of a safety device trigger, wire breakage or tangle.

Like all South Fence Machinery Ltd’s products the Stiff Stay Machines are backed with our comprehensive warranty so you can be confident that you are purchasing some of the best wire fence manufacturing equipment available anywhere in the world today.

The Stiff Stay Machine has a full complement of safety systems and A full and comprehensive risk assessment is conducted on all South Fence machines.

Safety features include;

  • Integrated Siemens electrical system ensuring safety systems and machine functions are simultaneously monitored.
  • Category 4 monitored Light Curtains on both front and rear of the machine.
  • Category 4 monitored guard Interlock switches on all re-movable guards and doors.
  • Siemens safety PLC to monitor all safety related control features.
  • Siemens safety PLC to monitor all motors on the machine monitoring movement.
  • 2mm punch panel guard system, finished in durable powder coat.
  • Festo pneumatic safety valves and safety regulators.
  • Comprehensive Machine Warning signage.
  • Non-slip operator platforms, with hand rails and toe boards
  • HMI operator fault banner system
  • Safe speed monitoring for all axis for machine set-up and fault finding
  • Acoustic insulation on machine guards to reduce machine noise
  Model SSM 20-3Model SSM 26-3D
Maximum Fence Width 2.0 metres (or 78")* 2.6 metres (or 102")*
Maximum Number of Line Wires 20 25 Line for a single fence
26 Line for a duel fence
Line Wire Spacings Minimum 50mm (or 2")* with incremental 25mm (or 1") increases. For example 50mm, 75mm, 100mm, 125mm, 150mm, 175mm, etc are all possible (or 2", 3", 4", 6", 7" etc)*
Stay Wire Spacings 50mm, 75mm, 100mm, 150mm, 225mm and 300mm (or 2", 3", 4", 6", 9" and 12")*
Line Wire Diameter 2.50mm
Stay Wire Diameter 2.50mm
Knot Wire Diameter 2.50mm
Line Wire Tensile Range 400-1390 N/mm2 (26-90 Ton/sq in)
Stay Wire Tensile Range 400-850 N/mm2 (26-55 Ton/sq in)
Knot Wire Tensile Range 400-525 N/mm2 (26-34 Ton/sq in)
Machine Speed Up to 80 Stays per Minute Up to 80 Stays per Minute
Maximum Roll Size 50mm stay spacing – up to 60m
75mm stay spacing – up to 80m
Up to 800mm Diameter
100mm stay spacing – up to 80m
150mm stay spacing – up to 100m
225mm stay spacing – up to 150m
300mm stay spacing – up to 200m
Motion System Controlled Vector & Servo Drives
Dual Feed System Not Included To enable 2 rolls to be manufactured together (2.4m or 96"* useable width)
PLC Control of Machine Functions Standard Equipment
Comprehensive Electric Trip Systems Standard Equipment
Machine Weight - -
Approximate Floor Area Required 21m x 10m (70ft x 33ft) 24m x 12m (80ft x 40ft)

* These machines are available set for either metric or imperial line wire measurements. Purchasers need to state their preferred option. Additional equipment is available to change from metric to imperial or from imperial to metric if required.

Some variation to the above specifications is available on request. All weights and measures are approximate.

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