Latest Wire Coiling Technology with CDM

If you are in the wire coiling industry, looking to boost manufacturing productivity without compromising quality or performance, then this is the machine for you!

South Fence is pleased to announce the latest video release showcasing our new and improved wire recoiling machine.

This high speed productive machine produces wire coils that are easy to handle and use with equipment such as wire jennys for line wire fence applications. 

South Fence has gone back to basics with the coil laying functionality, creating a new Coil Density Management (CDM) system. This advanced system allows for the dynamic management of the coil's density, ensuring the stack height of the coil is kept to a minimum. With this new system, we can see stack height improvements of 25% compared with identical products on the market. This will save on shipping costs as more coils can be transported for a given volume.

There are many more improvements that have been made to this latest version, check the full list on our web page and download the brochure.

Don't forget to get in contact with our sales department to discuss potential retrofit options.